2/2022 – Publish an online survey link to District website from 09/12/2022 to 10/12/2022 (Input used to develop a candidate profile)

9/20-22/22 – Meetings with constituent and stakeholder group representatives


10/12/2022 – Deadline for survey (on-line)/input from constituents, stakeholders, and Board

10/18/2022 – Board approves job description and online application instructions to candidates


12/18/2022 – Deadline for all application materials**


01/09/2023 – Top candidates presented to Board/Finalists selected for interviews

01/16/23 – 1/23/23 – Conduct interviews (optional 2nd round) followed by Board presentation

01/2023 – Contract awarded

Public announcement of the new superintendent

* Meetings to be a combination of in-person and on-line.

**All applications will be reviewed. Materials received after the closing date may be given full consideration depending upon the number of applications received and other factors. (Actual dates to be determined in the first meeting with the Board.)