Meet our Finalists

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After a comprehensive and robust nationwide search (see map above), led by Ray and Associates, Inc, the members of the Board of Education of the City of St. Louis are pleased to present three outstanding finalists.

Each finalist was taken on a guided tour of six schools across our district. They met with students and school staff individually and in small groups. They later were interviewed for the final time by the Board of Education and then sat for a videotaped interview with Dr. Karen Hall of Ray and Associates.

On this page, you will find the Board’s final presentation of the slate of candidates including their response to, “Why SLPS?”. 

On behalf of the Board of Education, thank you for your participation and your support.

Dr. Jermaine Dawson ↗
Dr. Jermaine Dawson is the Chief Academic and Accountability Officer at Birmingham City Schools.
Dr. Keisha Scarlett ↗
Dr. Keisha Scarlett is the Chief Academic Officer/Assistant Superintendent of Academics at Seattle Public Schools.
Dr. Nicole Williams ↗
Dr. Nicole Williams is the Interim Superintendent for Saint Louis Public Schools.